Spine System

Monoaxial Reduction Screw

4.0mm Monoaxial Reduction Screw S/L

St. Steel Pure Titanium Lenath
B0132.20S B0132.20T 20mm
B0132.25S B0132.25T 25mm
B0132.30S B0132.30T 30mm
B0132.35S B0132.35T 35mm
B0132.40S B0132.40T 40mm
B0132.45S B0132.45T 45mm
B0132.50S B0132.50T 50mm

5.0mm Monoaxial Reduction Screw S/L

St. Steel Pure Titanium Lenath
B0133.20S B0133.20T 20mm
B0133.25S B0133.25T 25mm
B0133.30S B0133.30T 30mm
B0133.35S B0133.35T 35mm
B0133.40S B0133.40T 40mm
B0133.45S B0133.45T 45mm
B0133.50S B0133.50T 50mm

We are mainly looking queries from Europe and South Africa.

Monoaxial Screw

4.0mm Monoaxial Screw S/L

St. Steel Pure Titanium Lenath
B0122.20S B0122.20T 20mm
B0122.25S B0122.25T 25mm
B0122.30S B0122.30T 30mm
B0122.35S B0122.35T 35mm
B0122.40S B0122.40T 40mm
B0122.45S B0122.45T 45mm
B0122.50S B0122.50T 50mm

5.0mm Monoaxial Screw S/L

St. Steel Pure Titanium Lenath
B0123.20S B0123.20T 20mm
B0123.25S B0123.25T 25mm
B0123.30S B0123.30T 30mm
B0123.35S B0123.35T 35mm
B0123.40S B0123.40T 40mm
B0123.45S B0123.45T 45mm
B0123.50S B0123.50T 50mm
We are mainly looking queries from Europe and South Africa.
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Crosslink Connector

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0138.01 S B0138.01T 5MMX3MM ROD
B0138.02S B0138.02T 3.5MMX3MM ROD
We are mainly looking queries from Europe and South Africa.

Leminar Hook

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0135.01 S B0135.01T NIL

Posterior Occipital Bone Screw

Posterior Occipital Plate

3.5 MM Monoaxial Screw

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0130.12S B0130.12T 12mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 14mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 16mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 18mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 20mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 25mm
B0130.12S B0130.12T 30mm

Connecting Rod 5 mm

Connecting Rod 5 mm

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0140.50S B0140.50T 50MM
B0140.60S B0140.60T 60MM
B0140.70S B0140.70T 70MM
B0140.80S B0140.80T 80MM
B0140.90S B0140.90T 90MM
B0140.100S B0140.100T 100MM
B0140.120S B0140.120T 120MM
B0140.150S B0140.150T 150MM
B0140.200S B0140.200T 200MM
B0140.250S B0140.250T 250MM
B0140.300S B0140.300T 300MM
B0140.350S B0140.350T 350MM
B0140.400S B0140.400T 400MM

Connecting Rod 3 mm

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0141.50S B0141.50T 50mm
B0141.60S BOUI.6OT 60mm
B0141.70S B0141.70T 70mm
B0141.80S B0141.80T 80mm
B0141.90S B0141.90T 90mm
B0141.100S B0141.100T 100mm
B0141.120S B0141.120T 120mm
B0141.150S B0141.150T 150mm

Anterior Cervical Plate

Anterior Cervical Plate ( Square Type )

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0144.414S B0144.414T 4mmx12mmx14mm
B0144.514S B0144.514T 5mmx12mmx14mm
B0144.614S B0144.614T 6mmx12mmx14mm
B0144.714S B0144.714T 7mmx12mmx14mm
B0144.814S B0144.814T 8mmx12mmx14mm
B0144.416S B0144.416T 4mmx12mmx16mm
B0144.516S B0144.516T 5mmx12mmx16mm
B0144.616S B0144.616T 6mmx12mmx16mm
B0144.716S B0144.716T 7mmx12mmx16mm
B0144.816S B0144.816T 8mmx12mmx16mm

Anterior Cervical Plate

Anterior Cervical Plate ( Z Type )

St. Steel Pure Titanium Length
B0142.25S B0142.25T 25MM
B0142.30S B0142.30T 30MM
B0142.35S B0142.35T 35MM
B0142.40S B0142.40T 40MM
B0142.45S B0142.45T 45MM
B0142.50S B0142.50T 50MM
B0142.55S B0142.55T 55MM
B0142.60S B0142.60T 60MM
B0142.65S B0142.65T 65MM
B0142.70S B0142.70T 70MM
B0142.75S B0142.75T 75MM

Anterior Cervical Screw 4.0 MM

St. Steel Pure Titanium Lenath
B0143.10S B0143.10T 10mm
B0143.12S B0143.12T 12mm
B0143.14S B0143.14T 14mm
B0143.16S B0143.16T 16mm
B0143.18S B0143.18T 18mm
B0143.20S B0143.20T 20mm
B0143.22S B0143.22T 22mm
B0143.24S B0143.24T 24mm

ECO Cage

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0145.10S B0145.10T 10MM, L-PER MM
B0145.12S B0145.12T 12MM, L-PER MM
B0145.14S B0145.14T 14MM, L-PER MM
B0145.16S B0145.16T 16MM, L-PER MM
B0145.18S B0145.18T 18MM, L-PER MM
B0145.20S B0145.20T 20MM, L-PER MM
B0145.22S B0145.22T 22MM, L-PER MM
B0145.24S B0145.24T 24MM, L-PER MM

Monoaxial Screw Driver

Item no. Item
B0150. 01 Monoaxial Screw Driver

Plif Cage

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0147.720S B0147.720T 7MM-L-20MM
B0147.725S B0147.725T 7MM-L-25MM
B0147.730S B0147.730T 7MM-L-30MM
B0147.820S B0147.820T 8MM-L-20MM
B0147.825S B0147.825T 8MM-L-25MM
B0147.830S B0147.830T 8MM-L-30MM
B0147.920S B0147.920T 9MM-L-20MM
B0147.925S B0147.925T 9MM-L-25MM
B0147.930S B0147.930T 9MM-L-30MM
B0147.1020S B0147.1020T 10MM-L-20MM
B0147.1025S B0147.1025T 10MM-L-25MM
B0147.1030S B0147.1030T 10MM-L-30MM
B0147.1120S B0147.1120T 11MM-L-20MM
B0147.1125S B0147.1125T 11MM-L-25MM
B0147.1130S B0147.1130T 11MM-L-30MM

Plif Cage

Plif Cage ( Bullet Type )

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0149.820S B0149.820T 8MM-L-20MM
B0149.825S B0149.825T 8MM-L-25MM
B0149.830S B0149.830T 8MM-L-30MM
B0149.1020S B0149.1020T 10MM-L-20MM
B0149.1025S B0149.1025T 10MM-L-25MM
B0149.1030S B0149.1030T 10MM-L-30MM
B0149.1220S B0149.1220T 12MM-L-20MM
B0149.1225S B0149.1225T 12MM-L-25MM
B0149.1230S B0149.1230T 12MM-L-30MM

Expandable Cage

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0146.10S B0146.10T 10MM. L-20mm to 75mm
B0146.12S B0146.12T 12MM. L-20mm to 75mm
B0146.14S B0146.14T 14MM. L-20mm to 75mm
B0146.16S B0146.16T 16MM. L-20mm to 75mm
B0146.18S B0146.10T 18MM. L-20mm to 75mm
B0146.20S B0146.12T 20MM. L-20mm to 75mm

Tlif Cage

Tlif Cage ( Banana Type )

St. Steel Pure Titanium Size
B0148.74S B0147.720T 7MM-4 Deqree
B0148.78S B0147.725T 7MM-8 Deqree
B0148.711S B0147.730T 7MM-11 Deqree
B0148.84S B0147.820T 8MM-4 Deqree
B0148.88S B0147.825T 8MM-8 Deqree
B0148.811S B0147.830T 8MM-11 Deqree
B0148.94S B0147.920T 9MM-4 Dearee
B0148.98S B0147.925T 9MM-8 Deqree
B0148.911S B0147.930T 9MM-11 Degree
B0148.104S B0147.1020T 10MM-4 Deqree
B0148.108S B0147.1025T 10MM-8 Deqree
B0148.1011S B0147.1030T 10MM-11 Deqree
B0148.114S B0147.1120T 11MM-4 Degree
B0148.118S B0147.1125T 11MM-8 Degree
B0148.1111S B0147.1130T 11MM-11 Degree

Screwdriver for Inner Screw Final Tightener

Compressor Straight & Curved

Item no. Item
B0161.01 Compressor Straight/ Curved

Distractore Straight & Curved

item no. item
B0162. 01 Distractore straight/Curved

Pedicle Finder

Item no. Item
B0154.01 Pedicle Finder

Poly Reduction Screw Driver

Jtem no. Item
B0153.01 Poly Reduction Screw Driver

Polyaxial Screw Driver

Probe Flat & Round

Item no. Item
B0156.01 Probe Flat/ Round

Rod Holder

Rod Holder 3 mm / 5 mm

Item no. Item
B0157.01 Rod Holder 3MM/5MM

Rod Pusher Close

Item no. Item
BOI 59.01 Rod Pusher Close

Rod Pusher Open Rod Pusher Open

Tap for Pedicle Screw

Item no. Item
BOI 64.01 Tap for Pedicle Screw

Screw Driver for Holding Inner Screw

Aluminum Box

Item no. Item
B0167.01 Aluminum Box

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